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How to solve sleep mode problems in Dell laptop?

 Posted by Dell Support on Sep 13, 2018

As you started your Dell, you might be unable to wake your system from standby mode or you accidentally pressed the sleep button on your keyboard which has a sleep key. The issue might be due to another version or any software or hardware related error that landed you in the situation of “how to fix the sleep mode?”

  1. Configure the application after its installation: Launch the control panel of your keyboard from the start window.
    • If you have Windows Vista or 7, go to start option and move towards the option of the keyboard from the programs. In case of Windows XP or earlier, hit on the start button and follow it up with a run link. Control the keys and confirm it with ok button.
    • On the tab of settings, click on the key which you want to get changed. This must be made for access to the wizard setup.
    • Choose the programs, webpage and the files. As you have made the selection, go to next option.
    • For the activation, go to the sleep mode to follow the commands.
  2. Use alternate buttons on your row of keys: Reboot your system and follow the procedures of first holding the sleep shortcut in your row of keys. Use a standard button on your board and move the mouse properly. Speedily hit on the switch button on your system. Just remember if you use any Bluetooth device, the keys may be unable to wake the PC.
  3. Check if your system is permitted to wake the laptop:
    • Visit the control panel item and move towards the section of hardware.
    • Follow it up with property link and modify your settings. In this step, you might require the access of administrator. Make sure you have it.
    • Further, try to hit the panel of power management and validate that you allow this machine to wake the laptop.
    • Go to the ok button and confirm it one more time.
    • In case your system doesn’t integrate with Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, the earlier steps might not be accessible. For this, just hold on the switch button to wake up.
  4. Inspect your BIOS settings which reduce the power used for the hardware: BIOS accesses vary from computer to computer and for precise solution move to the documentation in your system.

If the error doesn’t get resolved, you might place the query in front of our technical support team at toll-free Dell Technical Support Number +1800-431-355 and get a precise solution. We are here to cover minor to major Dell related problems. Don’t worry; your laptop will be in safe hands.

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